welcome to my little space on the internet - IMPORTANT NEWS I HAVE ADDED THE ABOUT TAB - I also added some easter eggs, have fun finding them!

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About Me

Internet Aliases: nidarith / ekitora / erotika / omae

Hi my name is Omar
I'm 20 and I'm from Italy.
Stuff I like to do
Site Design (I started very recently, still trying 
to figure it out but im loving it)

I like to make music (mostly sountracks) Here's my SoundCloud if you are curious.
I love creating in general, you can check the Art Exposure page for some examples or click here to see my art IG
Videogames I Love
Fallout New Vegas
ALL The Zelda Series (especially Minish Cap)
Minecraft (how can you not like it?)
Super Mario Superstar saga
Mystery Detective/Touch Detective
Professor Layton
Pokemon Emerald
Dead Island
Left 4 dead 
Music I Like
Rock / Hip Hop / Punk / Cloud Rap / etc...
Pretty much anything
link to my spotify Playlist
My Dream
My dream is to create something all on my own,
it could be anything really, probably a videogame
as long as i make all the assets and music used.