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13 August 2023
Hello everyone!
I did get a pc and I'm sorry for 
abbandoning this little site...
I got other projects to focus on
but I will keep updating the blog
more frequently.

see ya in the future -_-
06 April 2023
Still no pc, 
I'm about 20% the way to buy it
stay tuned.
29 March 2023
my laptop broke down,
made this post from phone,
life sucks :(
24 March 2023
Today I had a great time (much needed)
had a nice walk in nature,
made me think.
23 March 2023
Stuff happened more free time.
17 March 2023
Hi i have started working as a waiter so i dont 
have much time to update the site
i will try my best to finish it.